CIT Program Overview

The CIT program is a two week, one summer program which aims to teach participants general leadership abilities, group skills, and the training necessary to plan and lead activities for children.  The program includes lessons on how to be a cabin counselor, how to lead un-mounted activities, how to teach horse care classes, and how to assist in the riding ring. The CIT Program will also provide a safe, supervised environment in which CITs can develop their skills and abilities. It will also provide an opportunity for personal growth.

 What does a CIT do?

CITs will participate in training sessions planned specifically for them. They will learn the skills necessary to lead and assist with camp activities.

The CITs will have the opportunity to practice their skills by being an assistant to the counselor in the cabin. Each will be assigned to a specific cabin group and work with counselors to help with the campers. They will spend time helping staff lead groups of campers in various areas, such as skill classes, group games, and cabin activities.

The combination of specific training and the ability to practice their new skills will help the CITs refine the skills necessary to lead, teach, and be responsible for children.

CITs will be able to ride daily during their stay at camp. They will be placed in a riding class based on riding style and ability, and will be able to participate in morning lessons. They will participate in additional riding activities as the schedule permits.

Additionally, CITs will spend time assisting activities at the barn and learning how to do basic work with horses (catching, tying, grooming, saddling, etc.) in order to help at the barn.


CITs are evaluated throughout their time in the program, and are regularly given feedback on strengths and areas for improvement.  If evaluations consistently indicate that a CIT is meeting or exceeding the goals and expectations of the program, she may be invited to be hired as staff.