RIT Program Overview

The RIT program is a two-summer program (four weeks each summer) which aims to teach participants horsemanship and leadership skills.  The program includes lessons on how to be a cabin counselor, how to lead mounted and un-mounted activities, riding lessons, and advanced horse care classes.  It is the goal of Hoofbeat Ridge that participants will experience personal growth through new experiences and activities.

 RIT Program Costs

  • First year RITs pay the full price for the 4-week session.
  • Second year RITs are given a special discount and pay approximately half price for the 4-week session.

 Examples of RIT Activities

  • Daily riding lessons
  • Advanced horse science lessons
  • Lessons on how to teach and assist
  • Assisting and leading all-camp activities
  • Trail rides and mounted games
  • Training and riding young horses


During the program, RITs will…


  • Improve riding ability
  • Demonstrate and improve knowledge of general horse care and safety
  • Be able to catch and halter, tie a safety release knot, groom, saddle English and Western, bridle, and handle a horse independently, safely, and with confidence
  • Learn to recognize a rider who is struggling and instruct them as to how to improve
  • Begin to understand and apply basic training techniques


  • Learn and apply the basics of lesson planning and teaching
  • Learn how to assist and teach…
  • Riding lessons (English and Western)
  • Mounted games and bareback riding
  • Horse science classes
  • Non-horse related activities (ice breakers, group games, arts and crafts, etc)


  • Learn and apply leadership basics
  • Plan and lead group activities for children ages 7-16
  • Develop counseling skills
  • Learn how to and assist in supervising children during structured and unstructured activities


RITs are evaluated throughout their time in the program, and are regularly given feedback on strengths and areas for improvement.  If evaluations consistently indicate that a RIT is meeting or exceeding the goals and expectations of the program, she may be invited to be hired as staff.